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IDEAS ENGINEERING has Italian roots, roots shared with some of the most important scientific breakthroughs in history.

From Leonardo Da Vinci to Alessandro Volta ( inventor of the first electrical battery, discoverer of methane ), to Guglielmo Marconi ( radio waves and radio-communication pioneer ) and Antonio Meucci ( inventor of the first telephone ), just to name a few.

Our mission consists in bringing out of the Italian borders what really valuable and innovative has been achieved by the Made in Italy in terms of high-quality engineering, especially in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

In fact, all of our products, from our advanced IoT technology to energy efficient lighting system ( 25% more efficient than the standard on the market with a three times longer lifetime guaranteed by our 10-year warranty ), to our monitoring device and our wind turbines and our energy storage system are currently fully designed and Made in Italy, with relative patents.

Just like it is true for our products, also the services we offer, ranging to feasibility studies and cost analysis to energetic monitoring and design, are characterized by the accuracy and the professionalism our code of ethics requires.

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