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The Full Story

IDEAS Engineering has deep Italian roots, echoing the legacy of groundbreaking scientific achievements from Italy’s storied past. From the Renaissance genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, to Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the first electrical battery and discoverer of methane, and extending to Guglielmo Marconi, the pioneer of radio communication, and Antonio Meucci, the inventor of the first telephone — Italy has been the cradle of pivotal innovations.

Founded in Florida on this rich heritage of Italian ingenuity, IDEAS Engineering aims to elevate the "Made in Italy" brand on the global stage through advanced engineering solutions, particularly in the fields of energy efficiency, security, company productivity, environmental sustainability, animal wellness and healthcare.

IDEAS Engineering born as a Tech company tantamount of innovative solutions in the field of AI, ICT and IoT. Our mission is to enable and maximize the Internet of Things through AI, while offering innovative products that translate into efficient, cost saving solutions and services within various fields of application.

Our core business is focused on improving a company’s productivity, security and energy savings, all while monitoring with great sensitivity environmental footprints and impacts, through the IoT.


It is precisely from the union of these two aspects (IoT and environmental) that the endeavors of IDEAS Engineering comes to life. An example of a such activity carried out with success, pertains to energy efficiency through a relamping deployment of LED technology. We created a proprietary, interconnected, nested network, comprised by the IoT lighting fixtures installed. In order to offer further benefits, in addition to the main and primary lighting and energy savings, we offered additional services such as atmospheric monitoring, security, traffic control, attendance flow management, health and entertainment amenities.

We debuted and forged into the Italian market our environmental monitoring device called ClimateCare, an environmental monitoring device that quickly became synonymous with excellence and reliability. This device was adopted by hundreds companies across Italy, establishing our reputation as a leader in innovative technology. This reflects our commitment to creating interconnected, smart systems that go beyond basic functionality.


Currently, IDEAS Engineering is working on the development of a wearable device for farm animals in collaboration with major Italian universities. This project aims to optimize energy consumption, enhance productivity and security, and improve animal welfare through advanced monitoring, geolocation, and management capabilities. These initiatives underscore our dedication to leveraging Italy’s rich tradition of innovation to address modern challenges effectively.

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Our mission is to deliver innovative, AI-driven IoT solutions that enhance productivity, security, and energy efficiency across diverse applications, all while being acutely aware of environmental impacts. We are dedicated to the continuous development of products that translate into tangible benefits, such as cost savings and improved operational efficiency, for our clients.


Our vision is to be at the forefront of technology by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI), Information and Communications Technology (ICT), and the Internet of Things (IoT) into innovative solutions that maximize efficiency, cost savings, and environmental stewardship. We aspire to redefine the capabilities of IoT by seamlessly blending it with AI, thereby creating smart, interconnected systems that offer a holistic range of services.

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Future horizon

Today, IDEAS-Engineering has acquired significant expertise in ICT, IoT, signal-processing, image-processing, computer vision, data analysis, and Artificial Intelligence.

Projects in the field of animal sciences have allowed the non-invasive testing of prototypes and industrial devices, enhancing the capabilities and awareness in measuring and predicting physiological system states.

Next Generation Monitoring Device, specific environmental & security sectors will be pillars of our growth.

We, IDEAS-Engineering, are positioned to revolutionize the healthcare sector as well, bringing with it the successes of the past, the knowledge of the present, and embracing the challenges of the future.

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