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Cutting-edge wearable device for livestock animal

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Patent for industrial invention

We are patent holders for an industrial invention PLF

(Precision Livestock Farming), related to the prevention and management of animal disease and welfare  all while monitoring, geo-location, identification, heat stress, biometrics and optimization of the reproductive phases of animals.



The scientific research was initiated in collaboration with the "Università degli Studi della Tuscia" and culminated in the creation of an initial prototype consisting of multiple sensor units designed to be used as a headstall and collar. Subsequent experiments enabled the commencement of data collection and the subsequent development of machine learning models.



IDEAS-Engineering has taken part to the InnovaRe project (Research and Application of Innovative Tools to Improve Resilience in Ruminants, National Research Centre for Agricultural Technologies Agritech).

Through this project, we will receive significant support for animal testing activities, as well as a vast amount of data from past research activities, which are essential for fine-tuning the Artificial Intelligence models we have developed.

The project includes the participation of leading Italian universities and research centers in the field.


The design and industrial production of SmartHeard are currently underway. IDEAS-Engineering is actively developing this wearable technology to ensure high standards of quality and functionality. We are focused on refining the system’s capabilities and conducting rigorous testing.

Bestiame ad Alba

Data collection/ aggregation

Once the industrial devices are produced, it will be possible to increase the amount of data we already have. Additionally, the data collected from IDEAS-Engineering's experiments will be integrated with the vast amount of data provided by the InnovaRe project. This data is the result of years of observations conducted by national research institutions.


Software development
& fine-tuning

Once the data is obtained, it will be possible to complete the project by creating the IT infrastructure and fine-tuning the Machine Learning and Deep Learning models. The enormous amount of data at our disposal will allow us to train large-scale Artificial Intelligence models. These models will be crucial for predicting the onset of bovine diseases and will also enable the identification of the current reproductive cycle phase of the animal, as well as indicate its state of well-being.

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Marketing & Market launch

SmartHeard will be available on the market by the end of 2025. IDEAS-Engineering has already launched a marketing campaign in Italy, which will be further expanded as the market release approaches and beyond that date.

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