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Our Path Forward

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Technologies Employed

The system utilizes advanced sensors for precise data collection, signal processing for information analysis, and Artificial Intelligence to interpret the data and provide recommendations. A telecommunications system ensures semi-continuous data transmission, allowing farmers to make informed decisions in near real-time.

SmartHeard  is an innovative wearable system that modernizes livestock farm management by using advanced technologies to monitor and enhance animal care.

This device provides semi-real-time localization, allowing farmers to track the movements of animals within the farm. Precise localization facilitates livestock management, enabling quick interventions in case of loss or emergencies.

Electronic identification is another key feature that simplifies the management of treatments and care. Farmers can maintain accurate records of each animal's condition, improving the personalization of veterinary care.

SmartHeard also monitors heat stress conditions by measuring environmental parameters to which the animals are exposed, preventing discomfort or danger. This helps maintain animal well-being, optimizing productivity even under adverse climatic conditions.

In reproduction, the device provides useful data on reproductive cycles, helping to optimize breeding processes and improve birth success rates. Continuous monitoring of biometric parameters allows more efficient management of reproduction, reducing the risk of problems and enhancing overall outcomes.

Animal health is constantly monitored by collecting data on biometric and behavioral parameters. SmartHeard detects signs of disease or anomalies, enabling timely and targeted interventions, thus improving the overall health of the livestock.


The adoption of SmartHeard offers numerous advantages, such as precision medicine, which allows for personalized veterinary care, reducing costs and improving animal health while maintaining individual productivity. The digitalization of the farm optimizes time and resource management, increasing energy and water efficiency, and promoting the overall sustainability of the operation.

Smart Heard

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