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CuboAir is a unique air quality monitoring device. With up to 14 sensor, it monitors many air quality related parameters, giving the customers real time information on the presence and quantity of several pollutants and parameters such as carbon monoxide and dioxide, particulates, luminosity, temperature, electromagnetic pollution and more .

All the output data are constantly updated and saved online. Customers can easily have access to those data through a specific software or app.

Moreover, CuboAir is an iOT ( internet of things ) device and it can be programmed to interact with the environment it is monitoring: the device can be connected, for example, to light dimmers or to the air ventilation control system and regulate them basing on the data given in output by its sensors and on the customer's preferences, bringing in energy savings and a more comfortable environment.

Here is a look at CuboAir sensors:


Lear more about CuboAir here:

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