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Deep energy retrofit - Re-lamping

LED lighting products are the most efficient on the market. Substituting any non-LED lighting system with an LED one means increasing the energy efficiency of the considered property and cutting electricity bills.

Either it is a residential or commercial building, a hotel, a factory or parking lot, we can offer the complete deep energy retrofit of the property, meaning that we will substitute the old lighting infrastructure with our LED one, resulting in a higher quality of illumination, a more durable and reliable system and substantial savings on electricity bills.

Our specialists will execute an on-site inspection which will conduct to the power usage analysis. After that, we will immediately provide you with our "re-lamping" project proposal, highlighting the expected monthly and yearly savings in terms of power usage and electricity bills.

Savings projections are extremely reliable as they are based on mathematical calculation which take into account the power consumption of your current lighting system and the power consumption of the new highly-efficient LED lighting system we propose you.

ESCO contract

IDEAS ENGINEERING also offers, prior approval, ESCO ( Energy Savings Company ) contracts.

ESCOs are distinguished from other firms that offer energy-efficiency improvements in that they use the performance-based contracting methodology. When an ESCO implements a project, the company's compensation is directly linked to the actual energy cost savings.

This means that, if you qualify for this kind of contract, products supply and installation will provided at no-cost, there will be NO DOWN PAYMENT and the compensation will consist in a percentage of the monthly generated savings.


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